Carpet from Sierra Flooring

Wake up to soft, stylish carpet under your feet.

Our Edmonton showroom has an entire section filled with stylish carpet samples, and practical design ideas.

Our staff can help you find the perfect carpet for your home or office. Experience beautiful carpet every single day, with high performance fibers from our selected manufacturers.

Benefits Of Carpet

Carpet has so many things going for it. It’s soft, warm, quiet and offers so many design possibilities.  With new innovations in stain resistance, carpet gives excellent value for the price. Area rugs are also available to add that special touch to make the finishing touches perfect. So for beautiful comfort underfoot, consider carpet as a desirable alternative.

Soft Surface Flooring with Spill-Proof Backing

Someone spilled Red Wine? No problem, cleaning can be a breeze with optional spill-proof backing.

(Our suppliers have different warranties for spill-proof backing – ask us for details when picking your flooring! It provides clean-up protection by keeping spills and odor‑causing pet accidents from soaking through to the pad and subfloor).

Patterned Soft Surface Flooring

Add a dramatic flair to your room with a patterned carpet from Sierra Flooring!

Create a specific look by using a carpet like this product from Stanton Hemlock (looks just like hardwood but with a soft carpet feel)

What is Carpet Made of?

Your Soft Surface Flooring comes in many yarn types: It can be made from wool, nylon, polyester, silk and blends of the above. Choose the style and yarn type that is right for your home or office flooring. Our Sierra Staff can help you choose the right one.

Soil & Stain Resistance

Staining and soiling are less an issue these days with great stain proof treatments like Shaw flooring’s exclusive R2X system. Many other stain treatments are also availale!

With stain protection in your carpet, the performance and longetivity of your carpet is protected, making your investment last longer.

Cut Pile Carpeting

Cut Pile styles (in which yarn loops are cut and twisted tightly together), are still very popular for all projects . Casual, fashionable, and soft, they are also durable. They give rooms a fresh, updated look, and a more comfortable feel than loop carpets.

Cut Pile carpets offer exceptional color ranges, that includes solid, heathered, and tonal styles. Heathered or Tonal styles help hide footprints, and vacuum cleaner marks much better than solid colours.

In general, for cut pile carpets the higher the twist level, the better the carpet’s performance will be.

Recommended for: Bedrooms, sitting rooms, media rooms, and living rooms.

Loop/Berber Style

Extremely durable and practical, loop carpets provide maximum durability for high-traffic areas with lots of activity. In addition, these styles are superior at maintaining long-term appearance, and hiding footprints are never an issue.

Recommended for high trafiic areas such as: Basements, recreation rooms, living rooms, hallways, and stairs


Our Trusted Carpet Suppliers

Shaw Floors – Tuftex – Stanton – Beaulieu – Colin Campbell – Phenix Carpet – Engineered Floors 

Keep Your Carpet Like-New

Every supplier has a different warranty, make sure you ask about the manufacturers recommendations. Carpet is one of the easiest types of flooring to take care of. Learn how to keep yours looking great over time with a simple care program:

It’s not hard to take care of carpet, there are just a few easy steps to be aware of. Regularly following these steps will ensure that your carpet continues to look as lovely in years to come as it does when you have it installed.

Peace of mind?

You bet. We will always be here to make sure any problems are rectified.