Experienced Edmonton Flooring Installers

What to expect during our experienced installation of your new floors.

Experienced Floor Installers

Our Sierra Flooring Installers have decades of experience. Have the professionals install your floors.

The rule of great carpentry is “measure twice, cut once”. The measurement and assessment of your layout is the first part of your construction project. We will measure your floor when you pick your product, to ensure that there is no errors during the purchase process.

Finding Your Type

We have [literally] thousands of flooring styles in all types. Choosing the right type of flooring is fairly simple, but we still recommend that you use our professional staff to discover the benefits of each type of flooring that you are interested in.

You’ve Found The Perfect Floors

It’s time to get them installed and remember to care for them.

Underlay or Sub flooring

The right underlay can enhance the long-term wear and performance of many types of floors. Your tile and stonework should have a sub flooring in place. Trust Sierra’s Staff to provide a response to your flooring needs.

Award Winning Service

Once your flooring has been picked out and purchased, it is handed off to our Installation team and our Customer Service Department. Our Staff provide continuous care with quick responses to your inquiries.

Continuous Care

You’ve researched the products and invested your money on the floor you wanted. The best way to maximize your enjoyment is to be consistent in caring for your floor.

Work together, use the right products, and most of all enjoy your time.

Follow up with your Sierra Flooring Staff Member

Sierra will be happy to follow up with you to see how you are enjoying your new floor. If any adjustments need to be made, please contact us as soon as possible.


We have a dedicated team of service technicians and a large fleet of installers.

Many of our staff have been with us since the company started in the year 2000!

Do you have questions about our flooring products or how you can help prepare for the installation of your new floors?

Visit our contact page & let us know!